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PGL 2020

What an exciting first day we have had to kick start our residential! We started the morning by trying on our new Leavers' Hoodies and taking part in a variety of team building and problem solving activities. The Hoodies look fabulous and the children love them!  

We arrived at PGL after lunch and met our Group Leader, Kenny. He gave us a tour around the site and then showed us to our rooms. Parts of the grounds were a bit muddy and some of the children were worried about getting muddy trainers but they will soon get over this worry as we throw ourselves into the activities! 

Dinner this evening was delicious. The children had a choice of sausage casserole, chicken in a sauce or a feta and onion marmalade roly poly with a selection of different items from the salad bar and a choc ice to finish! There were lots of smiles around the table as children mentioned the sausage casserole being 'the best they had ever tasted'!  

This evening's entertainment was Wacky Races! The children worked in teams and completed a variety of different races using different resources. We have our Olive Tree group drawing of Kenny ready to put up in our classroom. 

All of the children are now tucked up in bed and are very excited for our first full day here at PGL. We are also excited about what options we can have for breakfast tomorrow! 

Watch this space for more information on what we have been up to! 


Day Two! 

Well, we are certainly going to sleep well tonight. It has been a fantastic day at PGL full of courage, kindness, laughter and good weather! 

Breakfast went down very well this morning with a selection of hot choices (hash browns, bacon and tomatoes), porridge, fruit, cereal and toast! 

Our first activity was the Vertical Challenge. The children had to climb up ladders, tyres, climbing walls and a net to reach the top. It was incredibly high and all the children made us proud with their effort! 

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We then moved onto the Sensory Trail. During this session, the children were blindfolded and taken around a trail with lots of different floorings and surroundings! Our instructor, Luke, liked to play some tricks on us by telling us there was a step coming up when actually it was flat ground! Some of the children did not fall for his tricks by the end! 

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Day Three! 

Before I start the update for today, Mrs Sloley and I just want to say how incredibly proud of our Year 6s we are. Today the children have shown admiral determination, encouragement and team work. Every instructor that worked with us today came to us to say how amazing the children have been. It was so wonderful to share and so we wanted to share the same with you all. 

Miss Read had to give us all a bit of a nudge this morning when we woke up! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of sausages, beans and mushrooms, porridge, cereal and fruit. 

Our first activity of the morning was Crate Challenge. We had to build the highest tower in 5 minutes. This activity required a lot of team work from the children on the crates and those passing the crates. We especially enjoyed knocking the tower down when we had finished! 

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We then moved onto Buggy Building. With little support, the children created a fantastic buggy that could move! Miss Read and Mrs Sloley had a lovely ride in the buggy (we even had a foot rest in it!). The children all worked together to create one buggy and it was really special to watch. Expect some teaching of different knots when we get home! 

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We had worked up quite the appetite by lunch time! Lunch today was a choice of BBQ chicken or beef wraps, with a variety of options in the salad bar.

Trapeze was our next activity of the day! The children had to climb a pole, stand on a platform and then jump onto a bar. It was very high and they did fantastically well! There were lots of wedgies on this one with the harness! 

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Our final afternoon activity was Archery. The children have already experienced a little bit of archery in our PE lessons but they were really excited as it was proper bows and arrows! All of the children hit the target and made it look much easier than it actually was! 

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Dinner this evening was a choice of curry, spinach and ricotta canneloni or pork chops with rice and vegetables. All polished off with a slice of lemon drizzle cake! 

This evening's entertainment was Photo Challenge. The children were given a variety of challenges to complete. Mrs Sloley was particularly impressed with their re-enaction video of Jumanji and their PGL rap! 

It has been another fabulous day here and we are looking forward to another fun packed day tomorrow. 


Day 4! 

Well, it has certainly been a wet and cold day today but that hasn't stopped us! We had another delicious breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes. 

Our first activity of the day was Jacob's Ladder. This was a very difficult activity where the children had to climb a ladder with increasing space between each of the rungs. All of the children gave it a really good go and climbed to a great height! 

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We then moved onto the Zip Wire! The children were very excited for this activity and it did not disappoint! We learnt all about flip flops and Reggie (nicknames for the equipment) and children went zooming through the grey sky with smiles on their faces! 

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We were ready to warm up by lunch time and a pasta themed lunch really hit the spot! 

We then went back outside (with a few extra layers) and tackled the Challenge Course! It was fantastic and the children loved trying out the different activities. A warning in advance - we got a little bit wet and muddy in this challenge so prepare the wash basket! 

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Aaron then collected us and took us to the Climbing Wall. Climbing is difficult on a warm, sunny day but when it is cold and wet, it is even harder! However, we did not let that stop us! We climbed that wall and worked as a team to get as high as we could. 

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Tea tonight was a choice of mexican chilli, vegetable rice or chicken nuggets and chips. The chicken nuggets and chips went down VERY well indeed! 

Evening 'ents' tonight was Splash! The children were given a water balloon to protect. As a group we made a box to enable our balloon to fall from a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, despite Miss Read's confidence in our creation, the water balloon burst and we were unable to throw it at Kenny! 

It is hard to believe that we are packing our bags already when it has been such an amazing week. The next update you get will be from your children, who are really looking forward to seeing you when they are home. 

I hope that this trip will hold many happy memories that they will treasure forever.