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New EYFS Starters 2020

A welcome back video


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Dear Parents/Carers,

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you and your family to our school. I hope that you are all keeping well and that your child is excited about starting in EYFS. As you can imagine, our normal transition process would involve lots of face-to-face time for both parents and children and we are unable to do that at this time. We have reviewed our usual procedures and tried to replicate them as much as we can whilst working under the current Government guidelines. We are determined to do all we can to help you and your child feel ready for this exciting step.

As part of the induction process this term, we will:

  • Share a welcome video message from your child’s class teacher (on the EYFS 2020 page of the school website - Please see below).
  • Host a Zoom induction meeting on Thursday 25th June 6:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Share the Zoom meeting induction PowerPoint of information about starting school (on the EYFS 2020 page of the school website), after the Zoom induction meeting.
  • Schedule family Zoom meetings where you can meet the class teacher (you will receive an email).
  • Issue a pack of information, which will be available on the EYFS 2020 page of the school website or available as a printed pack for collection on request from the School Office.
  • Invite you to ‘Story Zooms’ where your child can see and hear their class teacher(s) reading a story (you will receive an email).
  • Issue an electronic admissions form for you to complete (via ParentMail).
  • Contact nursery settings for transition information.

We are awaiting some further guidance on what things may need to look like in September and then we will be able to confirm our plans, including when school will start for our new EYFS children. We know that your child will need time at the start of the new academic year to experience the type of transition activities we would have offered this term and we will build those in.  

We are very proud of our school, the children and the values we hold and we look forward to welcoming your family into our Ridgeway Farm family.

Best wishes,

Mrs Carly Luce


Please click the image below for the EYFS Induction Meeting PowerPoint. (Audio links are embedded for further information.)

Parent Information Booklet 2020

Ridgeway Farm Child Protection and Safeguarding Leaflet

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Term Dates 2020/2021