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Spread the Happiness

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It’s official…


Ridgeway Farm CE Academy is an accredited Spread the Happiness school (can we get a woop woop!)


In February 2020, Ridgeway Farm was given a whole school award for completing the Spread the Happiness project with the help from Shonette Bason-Wood.


We spent months collecting evidence to show off our wonderful school for the happy place we know it to be and our evidence was ‘one of the best the STH team had seen’.


As a school, we are dedicated to the well-being, welfare and happiness of our children, parents, staff and wider community. We use lots of different ways to support our family… some of these include:

  • Dough disco – where we boogie to music with Play-Doh
  • Class anthems – each class decide on an anthem that gets them grooving in the morning
  • 100 Things to do before leaving Ridgway – we have compiled a list of 100 experiences we wish our children to have before they leave our care (you can find this further down the page)
  • Happiness calendar – we use Shonette’s happiness calendar and choose our top 10 dates every year to celebrate in class
  • Random Acts of Kindness – to show our care not only for our family within school but in the wider community too


STH 100 Things to do Before Leaving Ridgeway Farm


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