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Apple Tree Class - Reception



Home Learning Week Beginning 13th July

Hi Apple Tree!

What a fabulous Zoom session this week… you did a great job of guessing the different animals in charades. I don’t know about you but I am so excited to see you this week for our transition session outside on the field and I am even more excited for our graduation on Zoom on Thursday at 4pm. Please remember to practise singing our song in readiness for it - Make sure you come dressed in your party clothes and bring a small selection of party food with you so we can share this together at the end.

I can’t believe it is nearly the summer holidays. I wonder if you have any plans? I will be busy planning my wedding and building a garage in the garden! And then you will be joining Pear Tree – how exciting! Mrs Gostling and I will still be around but in our bubbles and will help you all to settle in properly.

Thank you all for all the home learning you are sending in. It is so wonderful to see everything you are doing at home. We are going to be using some of the photos to create displays of all the things you have been doing, so keep them coming!

The Spread the Happiness days next week are:

  • Monday 13th July: Write a letter day
  • Tuesday 14th July: Random Act of Kindness day
  • Thursday 16th July: Share an ice-cream day
  • Friday 17th July: Shark day

I love random acts of kindness – maybe you could make breakfast for someone in your family, write a note to someone, make smiley faces and hide them around the house, tell jokes, make a cake for a friend? So many different things you could do! I would love to hear what you get up to – it brings lots of joy to me too!

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for a special video coming from all the staff to wish you a wonderful summer holiday!

Why don’t you complete one of these so I can send it to Miss Simpson!

Keep working hard and keep smiling too!

Miss Smiles and Mrs Gostling






We will keep this page updated with news and images of our learning. We will begin our home learning later in the year.



Term 2

Lydiard Millicent Reception Class visited Ridgeway Farm!

To launch our Term 2 topic, 'Knights and Princesses', Lydiard Millicent came to Ridgeway Farm! We have had such fun, not only with the activities but also making new friends and learning how to be fabulous hosts.

Apple Tree were amazing in the kindness and compassion they showed in supporting the visitors in finding places for their belongings, knowing where the toilets were and having friends to play with at lunch.

We all attended 'Princess and Knight School', where we learnt to bow and courtesy, how to walk with pride and march and also did some dance!

We created sword snacks with a range of different fruits, created amazing castles using blocks and sugar cubes and made shields and crowns to finish.

What a busy, but fantastic day, full of learning.

IMG 2070


Term 2

At the end of the Christmas term, Apple Tree were keen to do some baking! After lots of discussions about our value of the term, ‘Compassion’, we decided that we were going to bake some cakes, sell them for donations to our parents and carers and then give the money that was raised to charity. We then talked about what a charity was and what sort of charities we could support and we came to the conclusion, as we were baking, we wanted to support a charity about food. Our class charity was then decided to be ‘Mary’s Meals’ which supports children in Africa to ensure that children are fed, whilst also educating them. With the EYFS/KS1 nativity refreshment donations included, we raised a total of £73! Thank you families for supporting our class bake and children, thank you for being so caring and compassionate!


Photo 00000007[1]Photo 00000009[1]Photo 00000010[1]Photo 00000012[1]


Term 3

As a class, we were super excited to hear that it was our turn to deliver a value of the term’s assembly to the wider school and our parents. We had a great opportunity to practise using loud voices in the Nativity and now we it was our turn to have the show all to ourselves! During the term, we spent time thinking about what courage meant. We read books like ‘Superbat’ and ‘Max the Brave’ which helped us to see real life ways of being courageous. We also worked hard to be courageous with our own actions. But this wasn’t quite enough for us, we wanted to take it further… So, we decided to take courage beyond our class, wider than our school, wider than our community and think about how we could make a stand for what we know is right. During the Autumn Term, we had a bake sale and raised money for the charity ‘Mary’s Meals’ and this led us to thinking about how else we could support charity’s. We had been very sad to hear about the Australian fires and wanted to do something to help, so we decided to send cards to cheer the people up and spread our happiness around the world!