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Apple Tree Class - Reception

A very warm welcome to our new children and families in Apple Tree. We have already had a very exciting start to the new school year and your children have settled very quickly. We will keep this page updated with news and images of our learning. We will begin our home learning later in the year.

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Home Learning

Please click the images below for the Apple Tree Curriculum Meeting and Phonic Session

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This term, in Apple Tree, we have been learning the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We have been busy making posters to find the bear, learning the story map and even found bear prints in our classroom! Today, we went out on a bear hunt: through the grass, through the river, through the mud, through the forest, through the snow storm and found a cave – WITH A BEAR! We quickly ran away but then when we went back to class, we noticed that the bear looked sad so we decided to use our Ruby Power to help cheer him up with big hugs. We are hoping that the bear stays in our cave to play and learn with us next week!



To end our Term 1 topic, our big bear created us a teddy bear picnic! We made our own tasty sandwiches, focusing on healthy eating choices, hygiene and safety when chopping. We also brought our own bears in from home and we played some party games. Thank you families for letting us bring in our bears, we had a super afternoon!



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