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Orange Tree Class - Year 3



Home Learning Week Beginning 13th July

Hi Oranges!

I am so excited to see you this week; I hope you are all excited to see your school friends again. We are going to have a good catch up and lots of fun. See you then!

This week I have been strawberry picking, I went to Lotmead Farm on the weekend and picked lots of strawberries. They were so delicious and I have nearly eaten them all.

Mrs Sloley has been busy going on a few bike rides and walking her dogs a lot.

We are both in school and frequently say how much we miss you all and cannot wait to see you all soon.

Thank you so much for all of the work you have been submitted onto Purple Mash. It is great to see you working hard on all of your 2do’s. We have lots of transition activities set for this week’s remote learning. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot go onto Purple Mash and complete any of the activities on there if you want to.  I hope you all have a lovely week.

Now the weather has turned a bit miserable, I definitely need some inspiration for some fun activities to do at home. Here is the Spread the Happiness 100 things to do at home. I’ve put the first 20 on here for us to have a little look at. I think I am going to make some Playdough this week and do my own dough disco at home. Let me know what activity you are going to try. Take a picture and send it in for me to have a look.

 Shonette Bason-Wood on Twitter:

This week Zuri has drawn an amazing picture of a volcano.








George has created some amazing facts all about seeds and what they can do.

Amelie created a brilliant quiz all about animals.

Have a great week Oranges and a brilliant summer holidays!

Miss Oakes and Mrs Sloley.




We will update this page reguarly with news from our class and our learning and can't wait to share it with you.


Term 2

This term, Orange Tree Class have had a very exciting visitor come and visit. We stepped back in time and explored a day of what life would be like as an Anglo Saxon. We saw lots of different artefacts, including a replica of the ‘Sutton Hook Mask’! We spent lots of time in role-play, understanding how the Anglo Saxons took over, right up until they were defeated. We even created a wall of shields and spears! This amazing day would not have taken place if it wasn’t for the money we raised from the cake sales our families supported. Thank you so much for everyone who donated!


IMG 1615IMG 1657IMG 1689


Term 2

During English, we have been learning how to write recipes. We have been reading the BFG and discussing all the disgusting things giants eat! We looked at a recipe for slimy sandwiches and made them ourselves by following the instructions.

Here are some of the ingredients we added:

•           Mouldy bread

•           Bats blood

•           Handful of dandruff

•           Horses hair

•           A pair of rats eyeballs

•           13g of toenail clippings

Because we have learnt about what recipes look like and how carefully you must follow the ingredients, we created our own recipes. Have a look at some of the slimy sandwiches we made!

IMG 0772

IMG 0776IMG 0777IMG 0783IMG 0788IMG 0793IMG 0801


Term 3

Orange Tree class came back after a well-earned Christmas break to our classroom having been destroyed by an ‘earthquake’! We gathered all the evidence we could find and interviewed different members of staff to find out more information. We discovered that the ‘earthquake’ happened at 7:25am on Monday 6th January. This disaster caused a lot of ‘damage’ to our classroom. Amongst all the tables and books that were everywhere, we discovered different rocks that had fallen into the classroom from the damaged building. We are going to be investigating these rocks during this term and finding out a lot more about them.

IMG 1876