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Olive Tree Class Year 6

Welcome back after the Summer holidays! The children have settled incredible quickly since returning and starting Year 6. We will update this page reguarly with news from our class and our learning and can't wait to share it with you.


Topic Overview Aut 1

Topic Overview Aut 2

Topic Overview Spring 1 & 2

Topic Overview Summer 1

Topic Overview Summer 2

Topic Letter Aut 1

Topic Letter Aut 2

Topic Letter Spring 1 & 2

Topic Letter Summer 1 & 2

Pick & Mix  Aut 1

Pick & Mix Aut 2

Pick & Mix Spring 1

Pick & Mix Summer 1 & 2

Please click below for the Olive Tree curriculum meeting powerpoint.

Year 6 Curriculum Meeting


We have started our Autumn Term topic by transforming ourselves by wearing traditional Mayan Headdresses. Look at our page gallery below to see our creations.

Page Gallery