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Peach Tree Class - Year 2

We will update this page reguarly with news from our class and our learning and can't wait to share it with you.


 Term 2

This term, Peach Tree Class have been learning all about the Victorians. We have all had a fantastic time exploring this topic and learning about how they dressed, how they lived and the different jobs people did. One of the highlights of the term was going to STEAM. On our trip, we learnt about Brunel and why he is important to our local history. During our visit, we were lucky enough to handle some artefacts from the Victorian era. We worked in teams to dismantle and rebuild wooden trains. Everyone loved being engineers!


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Term 2

What a term it has been! Year 2 have had a really busy time getting ready for the nativity - learning all our lines, actions for songs as well as cues to get on and off stage. A huge well done and thank you to the whole of Peach Tree class for their motivation, perseverance and dedication to the whole experience. Thank you also to our amazing parents who have supported us with costumes and learning lines at home.

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Term 3

This term, Peach Tree class have been spreading the happiness! We completed one of our happiness challenges which was to spread the happiness to others in the school. The class decided to tidy, clean and sort the Key Stage 1 outdoor area. The children in Peach Tree also wanted to plant flowers in the raised beds. We planted daffodil bulbs to add a splash of colour to the area. We are all looking forward to seeing it spring to life and add a smile to everyone’s faces.