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Leave of Absence in Term Time

Head teachers are only allowed to grant authorised absence for exceptional circumstances as outlined below:

  • Absence due to bereavement of close family / friend of the family
  • A family wedding or other celebration – in the UK a maximum of 3 days would be authorised allowing for travelling to and from the event. Up to 5 days would be authorised if the event took place outside the UK but within Europe. Up to 10 days would be authorised if the event took place outside Europe.
  • A significant religious event
  • A family crisis, when a family would benefit from time together
  • When a parent is a member of the armed forces and is prevented from taking holiday during school holidays
  • When holiday dates do not coincide with holiday dates in state & academy schools where siblings attend.  

Absence will not be granted:-

  • Due to availability of cheaper holidays during term time as opposed to the school holiday period
  • To extend a holiday beyond or before school holiday dates
  • During Y6 and Y2 SATS & the Y1 Phonics test (including Y2 pupils who are retaking this assessment). The dates of these assessments are published annually. A family crisis, bereavement or illness would be the only reasons that would be considered for an absence during this period.
  • To parents who request the similar period of absence annually.

The government have released a new paper which can be found here. School will have a renewed focus on ensuring children are able to access education and where a pupil’s unauthorised absence amounts to 10 sessions or more within a 6 month period the Education Welfare Service will be notified and the Local Authority will issue a Penalty Notice to each parent for each child. We will be contacting families whose attendance falls below 95% for attendance meetings and to find a way to work together to improve attendance.

Please support us in this.

Please click here for the Leave of Absence During Term Time Request Form