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Cherry Tree Class - Year 5

We will update this page reguarly with news from our class and our learning and can't wait to share it with you.

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Term 2

Cherry Tree Class were joined by Class 5 from Lydiard Millicent on a fantastic trip to The Imperial War Museum in London. The children all behaved impeccably, as they explored the amazing artefacts from WWI and WWII. The trip gave the children a chance to be able to bring together their previous learning and knowledge of their topic ‘We Shall Never Surrender’. What an amazing adventure and a great way to pull all our knowledge together.

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Term 2

Cherry Tree class spent the week designing and making wonderful models of ‘Anderson shelters’. The children spent time during the topic learning about the ways people kept safe during air raids. The Government gave people the materials to make ‘Anderson shelters’ in their back gardens during the war. We decided to make our own versions as part of our DT.



Term 3

This term, Cherry Tree are learning about mountains! We were joined by Michelle Weller, who told us all about her adventures climbing mountains. Michelle has climbed various mountains around the world and brought with her a collection of photographs to illustrate her talk.

She also came with her back pack (not as heavy as she normally carries) which gave us an idea about resources she would need to have with her.

She even showed us her special walking sticks and explained that they walk at night when climbing Kilimanjaro (in Africa) so that they can catch the moon setting and the sun rising at the same time.

This visit inspired us all to learn as much as we can and maybe even climb a mountain ourselves one day!